Apologies, but here is another short and hastily written review… Back in October 2015 I also read this: Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers.

Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers

Set in a fictitious ladies’ college at Oxford University, this is part of the Lord Peter Wimsey series of novels, although in this episode it is his sometime paramour, the crime writer Harriet Vane, who is the central character.

Dorothy L. Sayers is widely recognized as one of the great mystery writers of the twentieth century and having now read two of her novels, I can see why. The writing is excellent, the plot is well devised, the characters are interesting, the pace keeps you wanting to read more and more, and the dialog in particular is very well done.

This was a really enjoyable read that has made me all the more eager to sample more of these fine amateur sleuth tales.

Some people’s blameless lives are to blame for a good deal.

If you liked this, you might also enjoy The Nine Tailors, also by Dorothy L. Sayers.