Another novel that I read recently was Solar by Ian McEwan.

Solar by Ian McEwan

I’m struggling to find any time to write book reviews these days, so I’m afraid that a short Wikipedia summary will have to suffice for now:

Solar is a novel by author Ian McEwan, first published on 18 March 2010 by Jonathan Cape, an imprint of Random House. It is a satire about a jaded Nobel-winning physicist whose dysfunctional personal life and cynical ambition see him pursuing a solar-energy based solution for climate change.

Michael Beard is an eminent, Nobel Prize–winning physicist whose own life is chaotic and complicated. The novel takes the reader chronologically through three significant periods in Beard’s life: 2000, 2005 and 2009, interspersed with some recollections of his student days in Oxford.

Source: Wikipedia entry for Solar (novel).

I’ll just add that this is a funnier book than any of the other Ian McEwan novels I’ve read. The main character, Michael Beard, is an old fool, really, who is selfish and lazy to a fault, and yet somehow finds people to love him and clear up after him. McEwan also presents us with some great comic moments. An enjoyable read, which any Ian McEwan fan will no doubt lap up.