I went on holiday to Cornwall a couple of weeks back. We had planned to get out walking and visiting lots of places each day, but it rained. A lot. We still had a good time (and got out a fair bit too) and the wet weather did mean that I had lots of time for reading.

In fact the experience made me reflect on how good it is being a book lover; how bad weather / unforeseen hold-ups are never that bad (as long as you have a book to hand!).

Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

As I was on holiday I decided to take a fairly easy, low-brow, page-turner of a novel: namely The Shadow of the Wind. It may not represent a high watermark in world literature, but the novel is certainly entertaining and gripping. I’m sure they’ll make this one into a film pretty soon; it has all of the qualities needed for a successful blockbuster: action, romance, suspense & a fast-moving plot. An enjoyable holiday read.