After finishing The Blind Assassin, I didn’t really know what to read next, so picked this short adventure classic off the shelf. Our hero is Richard Hannay, a stiff-upper lipped gent who returns to London after a time in Rhodesia. After a few weeks of going to the theatre and dining out in the city Hannay becomes thoroughly bored and is itching for some kind of adventure when meets Franklin P. Scudder, a spy, who is on the run from his enemies. Scudder then tells Hannay the outline of a plot by the Germans to destabilise Europe by killing the Greek Premier. A few days later, Hannay returns to his flat to find Scudder dead, at which point he takes on the mission to try to stop the Germans from succeeding in their plan.

The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan

This is an early spy story with all of the essential ingredients: a cat-and-mouse chase, various ingenious disguises, secret plots, bravery, car chases and codes to be deciphered. An enjoyable adventure.